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Being arrested means it's you against the State of California. Orange County criminal lawyer Rudolph E. Loewenstein is used to fighting against those odds. If you want an aggressive, experienced defense that begins immediately when you retain our services, call us and tell us about your arrest.

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Experience is important. Criminal defense lawyer Rudolph E. Loewenstein is a former deputy district attorney, so he understands the prosecution and how it works. He is also a certified criminal law specialist, a recognition earned through extensive and successful experience.

Your rights are important. You know you have rights under the law. Our Orange County criminal attorney will work to protect those rights. Our law firm also has a list of rights that we extend to every client who comes to us:

  • The right to an aggressive, creative defense
  • The right to the prompt return of all telephone calls
  • The right to be kept informed at every step of the proceedings
  • The right to have court appearances made personally by the attorney retained
  • The right to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect
  • The right to have confidentiality scrupulously protected
  • The right to an attorney who maintains the highest level of personal integrity
  • The right to an attorney whose early, aggressive and knowledgeable intervention may result in dismissal or mitigation of the charges

Your freedom is important. When you have a free initial consultation with us, that is an opportunity for you to decide if this is the right lawyer for you. We will also make a decision about whether we are the right law firm for you — the right law firm to tell your story and fight for your freedom.

In all of our practice areas DUI/DWI, drug offenses, sex offenses, homicide, assault, domestic violence, white collar crime and juvenile law — our first goal is your freedom.

Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We represent clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California.

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