Repeat DUI / DWI

A repeat DUI offense within 10 years of your previous offense can result in serious penalties under California DUI laws. If you are convicted of a repeat DUI offense in California, you could face up to a one-year jail sentence among other serious DUI penalties. When you are facing the potential ramifications of a second offense, third offense or fourth offense DUI conviction, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer with the experience and determination to fight for you.

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At the Law Offices of Rudolph E. Loewenstein, our DUI/DWI defense lawyers are tough lawyers with the experience to fight for your freedom. We know the stakes and how important it is to fight repeat DUI/DWI charges from the very beginning of your case. To obtain the help of a former prosecutor with more than 30 years of criminal law experience, contact the Law Offices of Rudolph E. Loewenstein. We defend clients throughout Orange County and all of Southern California.

Strict Penalties for Repeat DUI/DWI Offenders

California imposes harsh consequences for individuals who are convicted for repeat DUI within 10 years of their previous DUI convictions.

  • Zero tolerance BAC: The legal limit for repeat offenders on probation (and even for first-time offenders under 21) is significantly reduced from .08 percent to .01 percent — meaning you cannot legally drive with ANY amount of alcohol in your system.
  • License suspension: A repeat DUI conviction can cause the length of license suspension to increase significantly, depending on the number of prior convictions (2nd offense - 2 years license suspension; 3rd offense - 3 years license suspension; 4th offense - 4 years license suspension).
  • Habitual offender designation: Individuals convicted for third offense DUI and fourth offense DUI will be designated as habitual offenders for three years following their convictions, which will result in even more serious consequences.
  • Restricted license: While restricted licenses may be available for individuals convicted of first-offense DUI, repeat offenders cannot apply for restricted licenses until after their driver's licenses have been suspended for at least one year — meaning no driving is permitted for the first year, even for work, school, medical appointments, etc. Additionally, in order to obtain a restricted license, a certified ignition interlock device is required to be installed on all vehicles operated by that driver (the cost of installation, rental, operation and maintenance is expensive and is required for the duration of your license suspension period).
Repeat DUI/DWI Charges Demand an Experienced Defense

There is too much at risk in a repeat DUI case. You need, and deserve, to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer with the skill and capacity to fight for your rights. In certain DUI cases, we have been able to leverage our experience to obtain alternative sentencing and reduced sentencing for individuals facing drug and DUI charges.

At our Orange County law firm, you can count on receiving personal, attentive service that is dedicated to your DUI/DWI case. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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