What other lawyers have to say about Mr. Loewenstein:

Mr. Loewenstein is an excellent trial lawyer who has earned the respect of all who come in contact with him.

Rudy is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the Orange County area. He is death penalty certified and possesses a keen knowledge of his reasonable doubt responsibility to his client[s].

I have known Mr. Loewenstein for approximately 20 years and have referred several clients to him. I believe that Mr. Loewenstein is very knowledgeable and capable in his field and is highly ethical.

I have known Rudy for over a decade and he has earned the position of being the sole recipient of my criminal defense referrals. He is excellent in all aspects of his work.

What clients have to say about Mr. Loewenstein:

"Weeks were spent contacting attorneys, researching their credentials, looking up peer reviews, reading reviews and case histories… Situations like this are very serious and choosing the wrong attorney could be the costliest mistake you make, I was not going to chance going with somebody's friend who is a lawyer or some 1-800 law firm advertised on daytime tv!

When I saw Rudy's biography I knew he is not your average lawyer (Court Admission to the US Supreme Court!). I called Rudy and explained my situation, he was very straightforward and did not make any guarantee's or grandiose promises but he was attentive, calming, I practically instantly felt more at ease and my gut told me this is the best man for the job. I retained Rudy a few days later though being as stressed as I was I continued to vet, contacted friends in the legal sphere and they recognized Rudy Lowenstein and told me I had made an excellent choice.

There is no way I could have gone through this process without Rudy, had I listened to other attorney's advice during initial consultations I would likely be sitting in prison for quite a few years. The court process can be long and during this time I saw that Rudy was well respected by his peers in the court room and he did not rush my situation like so many others would have so they could get on to new clients. Rudy is patient and very skillful, my 8 felonies and probation violation got reduced to 1 misdemeanor, a week of community service and minimal court fee's.

Trust me when I say I did extensive research before selecting an attorney and you cannot go wrong with Rudy. Should I need legal representation in the future I know I will not have to do any more research, Rudy is the only criminal defense lawyer I will ever use again! I cannot thank you enough Rudy!" L.M.

“No one wants to be in the position of needing a criminal defense attorney, but I was. Luckily I found Rudy. He was compassionate, informative, professional and gave me choices. Most importantly he directed me on what he felt would get the best results in my situation. I am happy to say he was 100% right. He went to bat for me at a jury trial and hit a home run. He was not only prepared and knowledgeable, but had fantastic people skills with the jury. I whole heartedly recommend Rudy for any of your legal needs. Thanks again Rudy you are truly appreciated more than you'll ever know.” JK

“I cannot thank you enough for all you've done to help me out. I knew from the beginning it was going to be a difficult situation, but you did everything you could to help me get the best possible outcome and we did. I couldn't be happier with how everything played out and I am extremely grateful for all you've done for me. Thank you again and I wish you nothing but the best. Take care!” JB

"Thank you so much for your help with M. He is now clean and sober 8 months and doing very well. He is working and getting his community service completed. He has a new girlfriend in his life that is not part of the drug culture. I have my son back. The joy that I have in seeing a real smile light up his face is overwhelming. HIs eyes were black and vacant for so long. In current photographs he is almost unrecognizable. He is such a handsome young man. I am so grateful for your assistance in getting us through the worst time of our lives. Thank you." S.D.

"Before I met you, I had a disdain for lawyers. I thought they were all dishonest, mean, deceitful, arrogant, and oblivious. You, however, were down to earth and treated me like a friend, not a some hopeless screw up. You helped save me from unfortunate mistake that could have ruined my career. I can't thank you enough, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy! I won't name my first born after you, but I'll consider it for a middle name. If ever one of my friends runs into trouble, I'll send them your way." SS

"I want to tell you that we truly appreciate your exceptional work representing E. I believe your advise, guidance and clear resolve helped bring final closure to this unfortunate situation. Your efforts were without question a stabilizing force in E's life. Your kind, caring attitude helped her tremendously as well as the entire family. I cannot say thank you enough. Your help is clearly and completely appreciated." A. H.

"Thank you for everything!!! I could not be happier with the outcome! You have been so wonderful and helpful during this stressful time. I'm not sure I can express how grateful I am... don't be surprised if my first born is named Rudy!" A. N.

"I want to pass on to you my sincere gratitude for all your effort on the work you did to assist ___ in his case... Your dedication and legal expertise went beyond any reasonable expectations, and you never gave anything less than 1000% professional service- and for that myself, and I am sure the entire family, are forever grateful. You truly are the Best. You are a Miracle Worker in the Legal Profession. Without a doubt, our lives would not be in the place of freedom & closure that we are in today without your help, support and legal experience. Words cannot express the sincere feelings of comfort you have brought to our lives with your help." M.M.

"Words can’t really express my gratitude for all of your help over the last few months. It really did take a lot off my mind and made the process easier to have someone I trust on my side to help. I just wanted to thank you again for your kindness and generosity…I greatly appreciate it." C.S.

"I’ve always believed your life flashes before you as you’re nearing death’s door. It’s at that point in time when I imagine you see the faces of the people you have loved the most and you relive the moments that have forever marked you. I know that one of those moments will be the night we picked up my dad from jail. He was standing at the other end of the intersection, holding a paper bag filled with his belongings, seeing the world for the first time after being in jail for eighteen long months. As we, his family, stood at the other end trying to hold ourselves together, the only thing we could think of was that our agony was finally over. We had everything stacked against us in our particular case. With two charges that carry life sentences, we knew that the defense attorney we hired had to be top notch. All I can say is that Mr. Loewenstein definitely is. He saved our lives and made us a family again. I am certain that if we had gone with another defense attorney the outcome would have been completely different. Thank you Rudy, you gave us our lives back." N.J.

"We really need to thank you for your efforts on M's behalf over the last few weeks. Your honesty, integrity, skill and experience are all too obvious. You turned a potentially disastrous situation around in no less than truly remarkable fashion." M. C.

"...Due to the lies of many and the unprofessional practice of the arresting officers, I was facing what seemed like an impossible situation. I could not believe that justice could be perverted in such a way to destroy a person's life. However, because of your counsel and assistance through the proceeding, many of those lies and unprofessional practices were exposed. I wanted to thank you Mr. Loewenstein. If it were not for you, I would no doubt still be there [prison]. Now, I just recently graduated from college where I was attending before all of this happened. I will begin my pursuit of a Master's of Science in Electrical Engineering. You defended a man that was standing up for what was his right. I wanted to show you that your time and effort in my case was well worth it. [These achievements] would probably not be possible without your efforts in my case." J.O.

"Several years ago I was in a dark place and made a lot of big mistakes. I had a very debilitating drug addiction and was arrested several times on drug and theft related charges. With the help of Mr. Loewenstein I was able to first get my legal problems worked out and then over time I managed to get clean off drugs.

Rudy always worked with me in the most professional and respectful way and never treated me as someone who had the problems that I had. He quickly came to my defense and I was able to get a fair outcome and move on with my life. And as I said, Rudy was extremely respectful of me as an individual and as someone who needed help.

Some time after that I relapsed and broke the law again....but this time I left the state to get clean off the drugs...leaving my legal trouble behind to deal with later.

After many years had passed it was discovered that I still had a few open warrants and that I was at risk of being in very large legal trouble again. My first call was to Rudy. He immediately went to work to find out what the warrants were and how we could go about fixing the issues. Very soon after, I appeared with Rudy in court to face the judge. Because of many factors, including how well respected Rudy is in the court system, I was once again given a fair outcome and was able to walk out of court and most importantly go home without jail time...all because Rudy was at my side. What a gift!

If I ever need legal counsel again, I would call Rudy Loewenstein first. As well, I have recommended him to people that I know.

My family and I trust Rudy 100%, and we will always be thankful for what he did for me! Today I live drug free and I am an contributing member of society......thanks to Rudy for helping me put the worst behind me! Thanks Rudy!" C.R.

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