White Collar Crime

Suspicion of white collar crime — especially when it involves allegedly stealing from an employer — can lead to loss of reputation, loss of a job and loss of freedom. If you are being investigated or have been accused of white collar crime, discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away.

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The biggest mistake someone can make when accused of white collar crime (or any crime) is to try to explain what happened to the police, the prosecutor, an employer or anyone else except an attorney. At the Law Offices of Rudolph E. Loewenstein in Orange County, California, you will have complete confidentiality as well as a high level of client service.

Embezzlement, fraud and other white collar crimes are serious charges. If you are a suspect, do not take chances with your future and your freedom. An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide an aggressive, effective defense. With quick attention from a lawyer, restitution may solve a misunderstanding and avoid criminal charges.

  • Embezzlement, theft from an employer
  • Insurance fraud
  • Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Auto dealer fraud
  • Misappropriation of funds, theft from client accounts

Borrowing funds may turn into charges of embezzlement. From the CEO of a business to a secretary with a company checkbook, embezzlement may grow out of borrowing money from business accounts with the full intention of paying the money back. Unfortunately, good intentions are not a defense. Contact a criminal defense attorney who will listen to your story.

If you have been accused of overstating losses to an insurance company, selling cars without proper VIDs, misrepresenting securities or overbilling Medicare, you need a lawyer who has the experience to handle complex financial cases. Contact us for a free consultation about your situation.

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